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    JPI精密腳輪 Precision Caster
    CNC Sliding Gate Wheel
  • 機場輪 Cargo Caster
    菱形底板 Diamond Top Plate
    矩形底板 Rectangular  Top Plate
    免維護機場輪 Castor With Toe-Guard Fixed
    經濟型機場輪 Economy Inverted Cargo Casters
  • 超重型輪 Supper Caster
    集裝箱腳輪 Container Caster
    工業腳輪 Industaial Caster
    AGV-高載重腳輪 AGV Caster
    不銹鋼腳輪 Stainless Steel Caster
  • 新款重型輪 Shock Absirber Caster
    減震腳輪 Shock Absirber Caster
    工業腳輪 Industry Castor
    汽車行業腳輪 Automotive Shock Absorption
    不銹鋼腳輪 Stainless Steel Caster
  • 鷹架輪 Scaffolding Caster
    美式鷹架輪 American style Scaffolding Caster
    歐式鷹架輪  European style Scaffolding Caster
    中型鷹架輪 Light Duty Scaffolding Caster
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    重型腳輪 Heavy Duty Caster
    充氣腳輪 Pneumatic Caster
    抗沖擊腳輪 Kingpingless Caster
    中重型工業腳輪 Light-Duty Caster
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    鑄鐵類單輪 Cast Iron Wheel
    聚氨酯類單輪 Polyurethane Wheel
    橡膠類單輪 Rubber Wheel
    尼龍類單輪 Nylon Wheel
    AGV Wheel
  • 腳輪配件 Options & Components
    支撐架 Floor Locks
    螺絲螺母 Axles & Nut
    腳輪軸承 Bearing
    腳輪墊片 Washers
  • AGV-高載重腳輪 AGV Caster
    AGV Caster
    AGV Wheel
  • 商超系列腳輪 Commercial caster
    購物車腳輪 Shooping Cart Caster
    商用腳輪 Commercial casters
    閘門緩沖輪 Gate damping wheel
CNC Milling Machine 


              Firstly, Jianglong Precision Integrated here want to tell our dear customers that if you do not see a driving wheel which suit for your robot, just contact us, order made is OK! High speed, high temperature resistant, light self-weight, good bonding for the tire with wheel core, no-sliding, anti-noise, shock absorbing, energy saving... are important factors for AGV driving wheel. JIANGLONG always keep these in mind when we manufacture a real high grade driving wheel.


What are the most important factors for an AGV wheel?


              1) If you have an experience that used a poor quality AGV wheel before, maybe you know that when the wheel runs by a fast speed the wheel tread temperature will be very high and sometimes in an extreme case that the wheel tread broken down from the wheel core.jianglong Precision Integrated AGV wheels adopt patented formulated wheel material and unique wheel bonding technology to prevent such unhappy case.

jianglong Precision Integrated started from forklift polyurethane wheel manufacturing for several well-known forklift brands around the world since 2009, we have the "jianglong Precision Integrated know-how" and good at the integrated total solution for the one station manufacturing.

        2) 車輪的空間通常限制在AGV底盤下。我們總是牢記這一點。通常你可以發現我們的輪子有一個小的旋轉半徑。這就是重點。

        2)The space for a wheel is normally limited under the chassis of the AGV.

We always keep this in our mind. Generally you can find that our wheel with a small swivel radius. This is the point.

      3) 靈敏的旋轉在急轉彎時具有高效的旋轉功能。來自左右兩側的力有時比前面和后面的要大。使用壽命長的AGV車輪必須具有堅固耐用的轉向。轉動機構是腳輪制造企業的核心技術之一

      3) A sensitive swivel head features an efficient rotating function when in a sharp direction turning. The force from left and right sides sometimes is bigger than from front and back. A long life service AGV wheel must with a tough and durable swivel head. The structure mechanism inside the raceway is one of the core technologies for a caster wheel manufacturer.

      4) 高品質是我們的一切。我們從不在車輪上使用“回收”軸承。

      4) High quality is everything for us. We never use a "RECYCLED" bearing in our wheel.

Since its establishment, Jianglong company has been adhering to the business philosophy of quality, delivery time and reasonable price to provide customers with high-quality caster products and parts services. To provide customers with higher quality. At present, the company has 15 advanced CNC processing equipment, 3 laser cutting machines, automatic stamping machine, Mitsubishi manipulator and other advanced equipment, which can meet the various needs of customers. Facing the future, Jianglong hopes to provide service for more customers.


Note: The part here only displays our processing capabilities. If customers have any parts of similar processing methods, please send us the drawings and specifications for our accurate quotation. And the price shown above is for reference only, in case customers are interested in it, please feel free to contact us for more details.


Wecan make anything! For further details, please contact our Customer ServiceDepartment


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